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Mickey Mouse

I think that today on this planet there are no persons that don’t know this famous character from the animation movies. One completely funny and exciting to watch characters that have made many kids happy during their childhood. Mickey Mouse is designed very simple but he’s look will be remembered for a long time. He wears red pants, big yellow shoes and white gloves. Today he is one of the most recognized animation characters in the world. Also we have to mention that Mickey Mouse is official mascot of the Walt Disney Company. This character in this history has suffered many design changes but we will describe that story later in another section. We have to mention that this character have made a huge amount of money for his company. Today, based on Mickey Mouse, there are many comic strips, flash games, and other materials that use this character because of its popularity. Every kid today, in his variety of toys must have one Mickey Mouse toy just because it is so popular and every kid like it.

Mickey Mouse Design

Mickey Mouse is created to look very simple just because to be easy to animate it. Maybe you did not know that simple character can be animated very easy because it very simple design with less details and curves. Characters with many details on them and accessories are tougher to be animated. He have suffered some little changes during his acting time as the technology improves but nothing big that will make the world known Mickey Mouse hard to recognize. Mickey wears red shorts and big yellow shoes. On his hands he’s wearing white gloves. And that’s the design that everyone knows. Today, the rudimentary symbol  is very often used to represent Mickey Mouse on some texts or descriptions. Many toy creating companies today use this sign which is placed on their toy declaration. Also the toy designers have started long time ago to produce some 3D Mickey’s which release the same voice like Mickey has in some of his animation movies. One funny thing that we must mention is that Mickey Mouse has only 3 fingers on his hand. Believe it or not the fact that he has only 3 fingers have saved many millions of dollars for the company. Disney has said that if Mickey Mouse has five fingers his hand will look like bunch of bananas. They have decided to give him white gloves to make some contrast between his body and his hands to look better in action scenes. Besides Mickey Mouse you can also check some bus games located at this website.

Why Mickey Mouse is good character for kids and teenagers?

Today, there are many animation movies with new unknown characters that represent brutality and something unreal or better said science fiction. One research have shown that what kids on young ages and teenagers saw on televisions often is their goal and they try to accomplish the same action because in their eyes it looks very good and they often found themselves in pretty dangerous position and environment. Mickey Mouse’s animation movies no matter they are long or short, they do not have any scenes of something unreal or something brutal or any kind of violence. The actions are very funny and easily will bring smiles on faces on the kids and teenagers. So, there’s nothing to be worried about. There is also www.kiss-games.net for everybody who likes to play some kissing games.

Why you or your kids should start playing Mickey Mouse flash games?

The main reason why you should start playing Mickey Mouse flash games is to kill some of your free time that is really boring and need to be collapsed. These games are very specially uploaded to bring you big amount of fun for the time you are playing this game. By playing this game you can bring yourself back in your childhood for a little time. Or if you do not know Mickey Mouse you can met him for the first time and you will see what we are trying to describe in the many words spent above. The games are very simple with easy controls and there is nothing that can make you a problem with no way out. Give it a try. We wish you a good luck while playing and we hope you will like these mickey mouse games we have specially prepared for you. There are also some Minnie Mouse Games that can be played, make sure you try them all. Soccer Physics is perfect game for you if you want to play some sports games.

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